Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Study Guide Chapter 7 & 8

Here are some hints for reading the next two chapters:

1.  Make sure you pay attention to what Katniss and Peeta have to wear to training.  (Be able to describe their outfits).
2.  Be able to describe what Peeta says about how Katniss kills the animals she hunts- what is so special?
3.  Make sure you know who Peeta's mother thinks will win the Hunger Games.
4.  Know what a "Career" is. (How it is used in the book)
5.  Pay attention to what Katniss and Peeta do during training and what they do well.
6.  Know who Rue is.
7.  Pay attention to Katniss' performance during the private session.
8.  Know what Katniss' score is for her private session.
9.  Understand how Katniss and Gale met each other.

This should help!  :)

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